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raaaa [Jul. 8th, 2010|10:21 am]
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nnr I am so anxious!! for my upcoming big hiatus. apparently I am loads more dependent on RP than I thought? it is weird to think about and also I am worried I will not be enjoying South Africa as much as I should be which in turn is makin' me worry about my priorities and so I am a LOT

of stress

for not a lot of reason at all! also I do not want to leave France yet, it is so nice, even if I can't communicate very well. ALSO ALSO I am worried I won't be able to keep up like on hikes and stuff, because while I am decently fit I am not very fast, especially when hills are involved. also I do not enjoy walking at other people's paces!

I keep meaning to talk about the foam party for the benefit of Hammie but idk I find recaps of my life and stuff to be sort of exhausting. I don't know how this got started, I used to enjoy them so much! anyway it was sort of like being in a bubble bath with all your clothes on and your friends, only with dumb music and lots of creepy people. at one point it was higher than my head and that was when I was done for the night. I got REALLY ANGRY though at the end of the night when I found out some guy had grabbed my friend and held her arms down so as to dance with her. that is assault and it is NOT OKAY, jesus christ club dudes. I think she's pretty over it by now, but I can't be totally sure. she seems good? I really really wish I had opportunity to punch that dude, but at that point in the evening I was shivering over a plate of fries. to conclude: the foam part was fun, but it was at a club, and clubs are horrible places with horrible people, except for the good ones with shows in, which are hardly even clubs anyway.

TODAY we went canyoning which is exhausting as fuck but also pretty enjoyable. it mostly involves climbing up things and then jumping off, also hideous wetsuits. I liked the swimmy bits, also it was beautiful, but the wetsuits are really hard to climb in and I had these giant canvas boat shoes instead of proper shoes for that sort of thing. we saw nude hippies though! exciting.

gosh I will try to update before we leave but YOU KNOW ME so if I don't get a chance to say so, have a great month! I will try and keep a journal in Africa, it will be analog but perhaps I could transcribe the nice bits like with animals and people and so on. We'll see!
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2010|02:43 pm]

so tonight I am goin' to a club in France? because that is where I am, in France, if you rely on this journal to get information about my life or I haven't told you yet. I am trying like super hard to get pumped but I am just not a club. person. HOWEVER I want to go out with my new franz and it is not like there is anything to do here and we don't have cars or anything and it is like a school so. GOSH I AM SO TERRIBLE AT THIS JOURNAL THING! ummmm in other news French is difficult! moreso than Spanish, but I have been taking Spanish for actually my entire pre-college school career. I am still feelin' hideously insecure about not drawin' enough but I start art lessons soon with this intense artist who does not speak very comprehensible English. perhaps he knows Spanish? gosh I really wish I spoke French.

so that is France! I got real sick yesterday, but I am fine now and before that we went to the Dali Museum and then Cadaques! Cadaques is sooo pretty and Dali is so wonderful. after my last paper on him and Ernst and Freudian imagery I felt like super informed walkin' around and I got the strange urge to pour one out when we saw his grave. that is not unreasonable right guys? other things we have done: Carcassone (there was a torture museum and a fabulous sweetshop) and that I think is it.

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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2010|12:48 pm]
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a selection of really useful links!!

I am pre' sure most people readin' this are fairly up-to-date as far as anti-oppression goes but these articles still make for INTERESTING READINGS! and there is always more you could learn.
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OH DEAR OH DEAR [May. 30th, 2010|06:50 pm]
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okay I am gettin' down to business and I promise to revamp etc. and start updating before France PROMISE PROMISE!!

aside from that uh is anyone a good graphic design type who can make something like Obama's '08 campaign logo only a reasonable B? or even a lowercase E. I would really appreciate it and maybe I could draw or write or make something for you in return!

also here is a nice video:

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Hey DC I remember you [Apr. 2nd, 2010|02:23 pm]
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[Feeling |confusedconfused]
[Blasting |Haunted Days: Trembling Blue Stars]

Okay, possibly I have been spending too much time at xi_rpg (I know I have been spending too much time at xi_rpg) and yes I have been ignoring Titans business since they killed Eddie off, pretty much, but actually this has quite a bit to do with killing Eddie off in that, namely, has everyone forgotten about him? I mean I haven't seen him around lately at all. Guys, he is adorable charming nerdy Jewish gayboy slacker awkward who is humorous and has a prehensile tail!! I don't understand. His derailment and death seemed awful upsetting when it first happened but now it looks like fandom has moved on. Sad!! I admit I haven't been doing my fair share of fic but see: mutant prom. Hopefully between school and France I will get around to that Kara and Zach go on a humorous double date fic I been planning.

Also what is with the curious rash of Zach/Tim that's been poppin' up?? Can anyone explain that.
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There are things that are wrong with me [Oct. 29th, 2009|11:43 am]
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[Feeling |groggygroggy]
[Blasting |She Sleeps Around: Harvey Wiliams]

You know when you get like five hours of sleep and things just start to congeal in your brain?

Scott Summers' Perfect Little Life.
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It's getting a little ridiculous at this point [Oct. 18th, 2009|02:01 am]
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Title: Oh admiration in falling asleep
Fandom: Marvel (X-Factor)
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shatterstar has never done this before.

It is that he will follow Julio anywhere, and they will fight their battles side by side, and they will lie together in the nights for warmth and for company.Collapse )
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Okay maybe I have a problem [Oct. 6th, 2009|10:58 pm]
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[Feeling |tiredtired]
[Blasting |Little Earthquakes: Tori Amos]

Title: When you have nothing left to burn
Fandom: Marvel (X-Factor)
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is how they celebrate on Mojoworld.
Warnings: COMPOUND-WORDS. Oh God, so many compound words. Weird Mojoworld turns of phrase.

There were others like him, fresh from the pens, who did not know how to stand and dance with the others.Collapse )
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These boys <3 [Oct. 4th, 2009|10:19 pm]
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[Feeling |bouncybouncy]
[Blasting |Golden Phone: Micachu and the Shapes]

Title: Go on and need me
Fandom: Marvel (X-Factor)
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s good to have Shatterstar here.

Star even cooks for him, sometimes.Collapse )
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DELICIOUS CRACK [Sep. 24th, 2009|01:04 am]
Title: Visiting Rights
Fandom: DC
Characters/pairings: Kon, Lex Luthor, Kon/Cassie, Clark, Lois, Clark/Lois, the YJ kids, Kara, Natasha Irons, Zachary Zatara, blink and you’ll miss it Zach/Eddie, Mercy motherfucking Graves, Chris Kent mentions of other characters like John Henry Irons
Rating: R for language and excessive BRODACIOUSNESS
Summary:Stupidly perfect AU. Lex Luthor sues for custody, and Clark caves. HIJINKS ENSUE.
Warnings: 100% pure unrepentant crack, hipsters, Kon being Kon, lots of milkshakes, blatant disregard for canon, schmoop, run-on sentences, text messages

Postmodernism, Kon decided, must be art for hipsters, since the only way you could like it was ironically.
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